Introducing the All New HPS Smartphone Filter!

HPS Smartphone Filter  Taking photos in grow rooms is notoriously tricky. High pressure sodium grow bulbs make images yellow and unnatural looking.  We created a clip on filter that fits over your phones camera. It color corrects the image

Before and after

Without the HPS Smartphone Filter

Photos of your grow room normally look like this - washed out and yellow.

We can fix that...

With the HPS Smartphone Filter

After attaching our filter, photos are color balanced and clear.

This is how your photos should look!


Big ups to @humble_garden for coming through with this amazing HPS Lens. If you're having trouble getting good pics in the garden go check out these phone clips. #gamechanger


Big shout to @humble_garden for making this awesome clip on filter for mobile phone and other devices. I keep this little pocket filter handy in the garden to snap quick pics and videos when I’m not busy. This is not a paid endorsement I paid for the product but I have to give credit where it’s due. Thanks again Humble Garden.


I got a @humble_garden lens for my phone and it helps a lot with the yellow lights and pics. Very affordable.