Get Clearer, Cleaner Photos In Your Grow Room...Instantly.


See The Difference

No Filter

Photos of your grow normally look like this - yellow, dim, and washed out.

With the Chroma Clip HPS

After attaching the filter, photos are color-balanced and clear.

Yellow, Goodbye.


Watch Your Plants Go From Dull...

...To Dazzling.

One easy step to beautiful photos.

Designed for Growers: Our Chroma Clip HPS filter is optimized for use in environments with high-intensity HPS bulbs. It erases that unsightly yellow color from photos so you can capture crisp, clear photos of your plants — in their true colors.

Preserved Photo Quality: The filter prevents distortion, banding, and warping of your photos, so you’ll get the same high-quality photos you normally get from your phone’s camera — with no compromises.

Universal Fit: The filter is compatible with most smartphones and low-profile cases, including both single and dual lens camera phones. So it doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have — simply attach and start shooting.

Scratch-Safe: A smooth rubber backplate protects your phone from scratches, so you can attach and detach the filter without ever worrying about damage to your phone.

Take your pic...

See what other growers are saying...

Big ups to @humble_garden for coming through with this amazing HPS Lens. If you're having trouble getting good pics in the garden go check out these phone clips. #gamechanger


Big shout to @humble_garden for making this awesome clip on filter for mobile phone and other devices. I keep this little pocket filter handy in the garden to snap quick pics and videos when I’m not busy. This is not a paid endorsement I paid for the product but I have to give credit where it’s due. Thanks again Humble Garden.


This filter is a serious GAME CHANGER! Awesome affordability, quick shipping! If you want the “grow light haze” out of your photos, go for this quick simple fix! 

-Ryan W.

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You're just one click away from stunning, high-quality photos that showcase your plants in clear, crisp detail. Capture the true beauty of your grow room with the Chroma Clip HPS from Humble Garden.

You've got nothing to lose. If — for any reason — you’re not happy with your Chroma Clip, just send an email to and let us know within 30 days of your purchase. You’ll get a full refund with free return shipping, no questions asked.